You've been meaning to start your job search for a while.

Maybe you’re unhappy at your job, maybe you’re ready to make a career shift or maybe it’s finally time to move on from a good job to something you’re more passionate about.

No matter how good the reason to start a new job, there’s something keeping you from taking that step:

The job search is standing in the way.

It’s daunting, tedious, lonely, intimidating and SO time-consuming.

“Where do I search for jobs? What do I even search for if I’m not sure what I’m looking for? Wow, that’s a lot of requirements. Can I even do this job? Are we still writing cover letters? Do people even read those? That interview didn’t go great, did it? I don’t think I was honest enough. I forgot to ask questions! I don’t have enough time for this assignment. Should I tell them? Oh no, how do I negotiate? What now?”

These are the questions and insecurities standing between you and landing the job you love.

That's why we've created Homerun ID.

We want to take away the stress and anxiety from the job search and help you search and apply for jobs with more confidence.

Homerun ID will help you figure out what roles suit you, find jobs to apply to, write killer cover letters, do great interviews, deal with rejection, negotiate a great salary and adopt the right mindset for your job search.

The job search shouldn’t be the thing keeping you from living a better life. Because work is a huge part of life and it should give you more than it takes away.

With this in mind, it’s time to land the job you love ❤️